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50years50 years ago SCUBAPRO was created with the idea that diving should be an adventure in fun. SCUBAPRO was founded in 1963 by two very innovative and entrepreneurial adventurers, Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin.  They have since become known as real pioneers in diving. Their vision and commitment to quality gear is a constant reference for everyone working at SCUBAPRO.

The face of diving has changed dramatically since we came on the scene. It has evolved from an activity for the physical elite to a worldwide recreation enjoyed by men and women of all ages. And we at SCUBAPRO are proud of our leadership in this evolution: developing innovative products that have advanced the safety, reliability, and ease of use of today's diving equipment.


Some product highlights:


From its inception, SCUBAPRO  has been a different kind of company. Even before our first product was made, we had a policy of professionalism.  From the very beginning SCUBAPRO developed this 'professional' business model selling only to full service dive stores that could provide technical assistance and professional diving advice to ensure that our products were being used safely. We refused to sell to catalogues or sports stores that didn't have divers on the premises.

The SCUBAPRO strategy worked because dive shops that became SCUBAPRO dealers developed quickly, thanks to their reputation as professional shops and ability to create demand by teaching new divers. What was a daring idea in 1960 is commonplace today. The SCUBAPRO tradition of carefully selecting only professional and full-service partners to carry our products, and advise on their use, has built diver's trust in our brand. Thanks to our vast network of exceptional dealers you can find our products and reliable servicing anywhere in the world.

As we salute our forerunners, today's team rededicates itself to carrying on the SCUBAPRO tradition. Because more than products, SCUBAPRO is people. Our engineering and testing teams are the pride of the company, and set the standard for the industry. The last 50 years have seen SCUBAPRO continue a unique position of leadership in the diving industry. Professionals and demanding sport divers select our gear because they know they can depend on it in the harshest environments.

Moving forward through the 21st century, we are still guided by the maxim that has appeared in the first catalogues. It reads as follows:

"SCUBAPRO is pride.  Pride because we make diving equipment that is acclaimed and respected by serious divers. SCUBAPRO is conscience. Conscience because the equipment we make is sold through professional, serious retailers who sell our equipment with a sense of responsibility and a guarantee of experience.

SCUBAPRO is professionalism. Professionalism because we are divers and the equipment we make reflects our pride in our sport. When you use SCUBAPRO you will share our pride."

WARNING: When diving, you must follow the rules and apply the skills taught by a recognized scuba diving certification agency. Before taking part in any diving activity, it is mandatory to have successfully completed a scuba diving course. Information on this website does not replace a diving instruction course.