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Warranty and Repair

If your purchase was made in Europe, SCUBAPRO complies with all laws governing European product guarantee and warranty, which generally stipulates that all products have an automatic 2-year guarantee with proof of purchase, not limited to the original owner. However, SCUBAPRO regulators and Twin Jet Max fins are covered by the SCUBAPRO Limited Lifetime Warranty and are guaranteed against any and all defects in materials and workmanship in accordance with the conditions fully described in the Conditions of Warranty you received with the regulator at the time of purchase. This warranty is valid only to the original owner and you must have your regulator serviced by an Authorised SCUBAPRO Dealer to maintain the lifetime warranty. It is valid through an Authorised SCUBAPRO Dealers worldwide.

If any further details are required regarding your lifetime warranty, please contact your nearest SCUBAPRO Authorised Dealer or SCUBAPRO direct.


Product registration
In order to better maintain your lifetime warranty and to receive product updates and news, we recommend that you register certain or all products purchased, such as regulators, computers and the Twin Jet Max fins. By registering your products, you receive the latest product updates & news information and you don't have to worry about keeping your receipt around for ages, in case you ever need to use the warranty service.


In the event that you experience a fault with any SCUBAPRO product within the warranty period, please return the product to the Dealer you purchased it from, or to your nearest SCUBAPRO Select Dealer, so that they can arrange repair or replacement as appropriate.

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