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At SCUBAPRO, safety comes first. If you suspect your equipment to be affected by any product recall, please contact

Galileo SOL and Luna Recall - 2015



24/07/2014 Aladin Square -  Letter to consumers

24/07/2014 Aladin Square - Dealer poster

24/07/2014 Aladin Square - Recall form


Informational Notice:  May 5, 2009 - Si-tech hoses

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my product is under warranty?

Where do I get my regulators serviced?

Why is my computer beeping/ticking/displaying ERR?

How do I get my UWATEC computer battery replaced?

Where can I get SmartTRAK / JTRAK / TravelTRAK / DataTRAK?

How do I get technical assistance on the product I have?

How do I register my purchases?

Are SCUBAPRO regulators Nitrox Compatible?

My SCUBAPRO product is faulty. Is it under warranty? How do I get it repaired?

Is my SCUBAPRO Titanium regulator compatible with the use of Nitrox or pure oxygen?

Where is the authorized dealer nearest to me? Where can I buy “this” product?

Who do I contact for sales/service/dealership inquiries if there is no subsidiary in my country?

Can I convert my regulators from INT to DIN?

How can I check if my infrared port on my Aladin PRIME/TEC/TEC2G/2G, Smart PRO/COM/TEC is working ?

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