Life is all about family. For scuba divers, there are few things more enjoyable than watching the blush of discovery light up the face of a son or daughter upon seeing their first sea lion, moray eel or starfish in their natural habitat. But in order for kids to be able to fully enjoy these life-altering ocean experiences, they must be properly outfitted with safe and dependable dive and snorkel gear. This doesn't mean simply strapping them into an extra-small adult BC, or padding the foot pocket of a full-sized fin to accommodate their tiny feet. On the contrary, to be completely comfortable, safe and happy in the water, kids need gear that's been built specifically for them, gear they can truly call their own. SCUBAPRO offers a complete line of snorkeling and diving equipment for children. This gear is made from the best quality materials and produced according to all legal requirements. But most importantly, this gear has been specially designed to address the unique fit and performance needs of children. For example, regulators feature smaller mouthpieces and shorter hoses as well as compact first stages and lightweight second stages. BCDs offer a wide range of adjustment that can expand as the child grows, plus the inflator hose is shorter and there's the option of adding an integrated weight system. Kids wetsuits are built with X-Foam neoprene, which is low in harmful materials yet soft and pliable so they are comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Wetsuits also come in child-oriented sizes, as do SCUBAPRO fins and masks. It's all designed to allow children to be safe and comfortable in the water so they can focus on having fun.

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